V.S. Niketan Secondary School, Thapathali, Kathmandu, ranges from Play Group to Grade X., is the

expansion of V.S. Education Foundation, where the students of that local community as well as proper

Kathmandu, City have been benefiting since its inception in 2038 BS. V.S. Niketan always prides itself on

its trustworthiness as it has successfully secured its love in the hearts of all.

Venerable it sounds; V.S. Niketan flourishes with its strong principles and philosophical assumptions. It

pre-supposes that the sole aim of education should be to render a biological being into a rational creature

with enlightened conscience and therefore nurtures children with true love, due care and dedication. It

imparts high level of standard education affordable to all. Moreover, it fully supports the principles of social,

moral and psychological treatment so as to enable them to be loyal, cultured and able citizens of the


V.S. Niketan possesses all the necessary infrastructures, in all terms, essential for the cultivation of an

individual's all round development and hence has been able to maintain its glorious educational history by

securing remarkable and praiseworthy positions in examinations of every level. It ever strives for the value

based world-class standard and quality education.


Features to Reckon

VSN Pinnacle Achievements

Academic Procedure

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Physical Facilities

School Facilities

The VSN provides the following facilities to the students:

Scholarship Scheme


Syllabus and Teaching Materials

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Club Activities


Extra-Curricular Activities

The school organizes games and sports both in the school and outside. Volleyball, Basketball,

  1.  Games:Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Football, Handball, Badminton, Cricket and many indoor games
  2.  Sports:All track and field items.
  3.  Culture:Dance, Music, Song, Acting etc
  4.  Literary:Poem, Recitation, Essay Oratory Competition, Debate, Elocution etc.
  5.  Outdoor:Scouting, Red Cross Excursion, Hiking, Trekking etc.
  6.  Creativity:Drawing and painting, Craft works, SUPW etc
  7.   Physique: PT, Wushu, Karate, Taekwando, Judo, etc.
  8.   Computer and Typing: Training in computer science and secretarial knowledge.
  9.   Other Activities: Quiz, Spelling, Gardening, Nature Study, etc

VSN Open Talent Contest

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Medical Care


Computer Education

Library and Laboratory

School Uniform

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