Vinayak Shanti Niketan School/College










V.S. Niketan Secondary School, Thapathali, Kathmandu, ranges from Play Group to Grade X., is the

expansion of V.S. Education Foundation, where the students of that local community as well as proper

Kathmandu, City have been benefiting since its inception in 2038 BS. V.S. Niketan always prides itself on

its trustworthiness as it has successfully secured its love in the hearts of all.

Venerable it sounds; V.S. Niketan flourishes with its strong principles and philosophical assumptions. It

pre-supposes that the sole aim of education should be to render a biological being into a rational creature

with enlightened conscience and therefore nurtures children with true love, due care and dedication. It

imparts high level of standard education affordable to all. Moreover, it fully supports the principles of social,

moral and psychological treatment so as to enable them to be loyal, cultured and able citizens of the


V.S. Niketan possesses all the necessary infrastructures, in all terms, essential for the cultivation of an

individual's all round development and hence has been able to maintain its glorious educational history by

securing remarkable and praiseworthy positions in examinations of every level. It ever strives for the value

based world-class standard and quality education.


Features to Reckon

  • Fully Fledged English Medium School.
  • Healthy environment with high degree of discipline.
  • Emphasis on character building activities through value education.
  • Excellent Academic Record in S.L.C., even with Board Positions.
  • Ample opportunities for revealing abstruse potentialities and talents for the students.
  • Regular parents-cum-teachers’ interaction program.
  • Personal attention, individual guidance and free counseling to all students.
  • A superb dedicated, devoted and experienced professional teaching faculty in all levels.
  • Regular games and sports opportunities for physical and natural growth.
  • Provision of different Hobby Club Activities for balanced personally development by professional
  • instructors.
  • Enough space with separate compound for all sections and levels.
  • Well-equipped spacious labs and well stocked resource center.
  • Well-furnished bright airy and spacious class rooms with necessary teaching materials.
  • A wide range of facilities and many more outreach activities appropriate for all classes and levels
  • School bus facilities around the city (Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur

VSN Pinnacle Achievements

  • Each year VSN has been producing 100% successful SEE result.
  • Many students with Excellence GPA every year.
  • The products of VSN are able to get many scholarships in Institute of Medicine, BP Memorial
  • Institute, Ministry of Education, Engineering Campus, Embassies and Abroad.
  • VSN has produced many Engineers, Doctors and numerous skilled Administrators, Decision
  • Makers and much more efficient manpower currently serving the nation in various fields.

Academic Procedure

  • Admission is open for Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle Level Classes.
  • Admission forms along with the school prospectus and various informational materials are
  • distributed from the School Office from first week of Falgun.
  • The scheduled for the Entrance Test, Interview and Admission will be notified by the school as per the school calendar every year.
  • All the children desiring admission into this school must pass the Entrance Test and Interview.
  • Admission will be granted strictly by merit to qualifying children.
  • Those seeking admission must produce Transfer Certificate and Report Cards from the previous school along with the Birth Certificate.

Academic Session

  • The academic session begins in the month of Baishak and ends in the month of Chaitra of each academic session.
  • The school requests the parents to follow the school calendar for all school activities and holidays.


  • To impart psycho-scientific, practical and result oriented education together with a strong foundation of English to one's age and temperament.
  • To train and turn the students into dedicated disciplined efficient and talented stars to the challenges of the 21st Century of the World.

School Hours

  • Working days are generally from Sunday to Friday, i.e. 6 days a week.
  • The school starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:40 pm everyday on all working days.
  • The Pre-Primary Level follows a different scheduled i.e. 9:00 am to 2:30/3:00 pm.
  • The school observes the national and occasional holidays declared by Government.


  • The overall communication and medium of instruction will be in English. V.S. Niketan gives special emphasis for the fulfillment of the basic requirements of desired language proficiency.


Physical Facilities

  • V.S. Niketan has its own well-planned building; classes designed to meet the students' requirement
  •  It uses modern furniture appropriate to the junior and the Senior Students as per the norms advised by the Education Policy.
  • It offers all academic and physical facilities to each student so that they can carry out their studies in a practical and result oriented fashion with the golden future fruits affirmed and assured

School Facilities

The VSN provides the following facilities to the students:

  •  Individual attention to every student.
  •  Spoken and creative writing extra classes.
  •  Many more Games and Sports opportunities.
  •  Transportation Facilities.
  •  Excursion and outing programs.
  •  Extra Coaching Classes for Secondary Level students.
  •  Well-furnished Class rooms.
  •  Counseling and advice.
  •  Different hobby club activities.
  •  Laboratory and library facilities.
  •  Regular Coaching for weak students.

Scholarship Scheme

  • V.S. Niketan provides wide range of partial and full scholarship to the needy students with a specific purpose to encourage their studies.
  • The Scholarship are provided to the intelligent, class toppers, financially challenged, scheduled caste, remote area students etc on a fixed quota.


Syllabus and Teaching Materials

  • The school follows a detailed and graded syllabus that has been prepared by the school with due care in Pre- Primary Level.
  • The school follows a curriculum of the government as well as the materials prepared by the school suitable for Primary and Lower Secondary Classes.
  • The school follows the curriculum prescribed by Government to prepare the students for the SEE.
  • This curriculum will be supplemented by required additional educational materials and programs

Policies about Home Assignment

  • Students are expected to substantial homework including writing, oral and reading assignment
  • Students should make it a habit of doing their homework regularly at home.
  • School discourages additional tuitions at home without the prior consent of the school authority.
  • A student returning from an illness or absence must see his or her teachers the first day back in school to determine the make-up requirements.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Besides excelling academically, the school conducts various programs and extra- Curricular Activities to build up personally of the students and to provide opportunities to show their talents.
  • The school strictly follows the school calendar for these activities.

Club Activities

  • VSN possesses its uniqueness on different Club Activities. Club Activities are held twice a week for 1 hour each day under the guidance and invigilation of specially appointed trained teachers with the needed knowledge and skill.


  • Wushu
  • Dance (Folk, Modern)
  • Dance (Classical)
  • Aerobic
  • Taekwando
  • Music ( Instrumental)
  • Music ( Vocal)
  • Fabric Painting
  • Computer
  • Hand Work (SUPW)
  • Karate
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Japenese Club
  • Knitting and Embroidery
  • Yoga

Extra-Curricular Activities

The school organizes games and sports both in the school and outside. Volleyball, Basketball,

  • Badminton, Wushu, Karate, Taekwando, Table Tennis etc. are some of the activities performed under games and sports.
  • The school has made a special arrangement for sports and games facilities under the guidance and supervision of specially appointed games teachers.
  • This institution has provision of various games appropriate for small children organized activities and games for all levels:
  1.  Games:Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Football, Handball, Badminton, Cricket and many indoor games
  2.  Sports:All track and field items.
  3.  Culture:Dance, Music, Song, Acting etc
  4.  Literary:Poem, Recitation, Essay Oratory Competition, Debate, Elocution etc.
  5.  Outdoor:Scouting, Red Cross Excursion, Hiking, Trekking etc.
  6.  Creativity:Drawing and painting, Craft works, SUPW etc
  7.   Physique: PT, Wushu, Karate, Taekwando, Judo, etc.
  8.   Computer and Typing: Training in computer science and secretarial knowledge.
  9.   Other Activities: Quiz, Spelling, Gardening, Nature Study, etc

VSN Open Talent Contest

  • V.S. Niketan open talent contest is one of the regular contests of this school. Through this contest, the students having different hidden talents in the different fields are given a golden opportunity to bring in forth.
  • The winners of VSN open talent contest are awarded with special attractive prizes in a grand function every year.

Student Facilities

Educational Tour

  •  The students are taken for educational tour to different places under the supervision of the grade teachers. They are taken to excursion tour, historical tour, industrial tour and social services activities etc.

Medical Care

  • The school maintains within its premises a modest sickroom with first aid kits and resting beds with necessary first aid medicines.
  • An annual health checkup, ENT checkup, blood grouping and vaccination programs are also held on routine. Parents/ Guardians are informed about the findings of the check up in time.
  • In case of serious emergency/ illness students will be taking to the hospital and parents will be informed on time.


  • The school has a Mini Audiovisual Room, which consists of visual cassettes, CDs and VCD on various subjects.
  • It also offers audiovisual facility to the children to visualize routinely.

Computer Education

  • The school has separate Computer Department with efficient instructors and installation of sufficient number of computers.
  •  The students of class III to VIII will have regular classes.

Library and Laboratory

  • V.S. Niketan consists of ample collection of Reading and Reference materials to the students and teachers for their productive studies and effective teaching materials.
  • It deserves well-equipped and spacious science laboratories as required by the curriculum for Secondary and Higher Secondary Level.

School Uniform

  • The School Uniform is compulsory for all the students. Students without proper school uniforms are not allowed to enter into the school compound during the school hours.
  • School makes available of the samples of the School Uniform at the beginning of the new academic session.
  • School Badge, Tie, Belt, ID card etc. are supplied by the school.
  • The girls’ students have the option of using School Pant.

Regular School Uniform

  • Stripe Shirt
  • Black Shoes White Socks White Ribbons Maroon Pant/Skirt Activities Uniform
  • Half Shirts (as per the house, the students belong to) .
  • White Pants/ Skirts White Canvas Shoes White Socks Maroon Blazer is compulsory for winter use.